Our Agents, and about them.

You will see from below that we have very capable agents to help you every step of the way, buying or selling.

  • Sandy McPhee - Broker/Owner

    Office: 603.942.7003
    Home: 603.664.9110
    Cell: 603.496.3743
    Email: smcphee@metrocast.net


    Sandy's write up will be along shortly. She is always on the go working hard for her business and clients. As soon as possible she will write a bit about herself here. Please check back soon

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  • Judi Anthony - Sales Associate

    Office: 603.942.7003
    Home: 603.942.8058
    Cell: 603.608.9514
    Email: jcanthony_nh@msn.com

    My name is Judi. I'm a Sales Associate/Realtor. I have lived in Northwood for many years. I've always loved architecture, so naturally, helping people find their new home or market their current home is an enjoyable venture. Whether you're looking for an old house, a new construction, a fixer-upper, farm land or the perfect property to build your dream home, I'm here for you. 'Every house has the potential to be a home.' I can't wait to help you find your new home or help you find the perfect Buyer for your home. Who said work can't be fun? It is if you love what you do!

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  • Diane Lotz - Sales Associate

    Office: 603.942.7003
    Home: 603.664.2703
    Cell: 603.303.1837
    Email: dilotz@metrocast.net

    My name is Diane. I have been a Realtor in the Northwood, Strafford and surrounding area for many years. As a long time resident of the Bow Lake Community,  I enjoy all the amenities the lake has to offer such as boating, swimming, fishing... not to mention the amazing scenery. So needless to say I am very familiar with the area, and what it has to offer. And I'm happy to share my knowledge. I enjoy helping my clients to either find the ideal property for their new home, or help them sell their present home.

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  • Herb Johnson - Sales Associate

    Office: 603.942.7003
    Cell: 603.892.0701
    Email: herbsoldit@yahoo.com

    Herb's information will be here soon.

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  • Winnie Fracassi - Sales Associate

    Office: 603.942.7003
    Home: 603.664.2211
    Cell: 603.608.2277
    Email: wfrac722@aol.com

    Winnie will have information here soon. Please check back.

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